What happens when years of experience in digital banking and finance meets innovative logistics and fulfillment expertise? LABEST is formed!

Against this backdrop, its founders Dirk Piethe and Stefan Franke created the innovative real-time software solution for risk monitoring in inventory finance and asset-based lending. The ideal solution for businesses and banks. LABEST makes stock and inventory transparent for flexible and up-to-date valuation, thereby mitigating the financing risk for lenders.

Utilizing the capabilities of digital technology, LABEST readily and efficiently connects real-time data from inventory management systems, marketplaces and the required financing data into an intuitive platform for full transparency. And it is secure, as verified by KPMG and hosted in a certified data center in Hamburg, in compliance with German banking and insurance standards.


Dirk Piethe
Founder /CEO

LABEST consolidates the digital world of professional retail businesses and their logistics providers with the growing requirements of the banking industry. Logistics data on inventories are linked with current market values and presented in a format that facilitates risk analysis by lenders. Focusing on transparency, efficiency and maximum flexibility, LABEST benefits all parties. As such, it is currently unique in Germany.

Background and expertise

With now more than 37 years of experience in the lending and deposit business at prestigious banks, Dirk previously held senior positions in the banking industry. During this time, he was responsible, over the last 15 years, for managing and delivering successful projects for online banks in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). This was followed by assignments that include pioneering fintech solutions for the fintech company builder Finleap. Up until August 2016 Dirk worked in various roles, including CEO of the fintech company Valendo.de

Stefan Franke
Founder /CEO

Businesses today must be quick to lean into every opportunity to grow. Often, this creates temporary cash flow issues. Inventory is an expensive commodity and ties up valuable working capital. Many lenders, however, take a different view to this, accepting inventory only to a limited extent as collateral for loans. LABEST enables businesses to unlock this potential by creating greater transparency and security for lenders.

Background and expertise

Stefan is the owner of the 4elements Group in Hamburg. Since 2003, he has developed and actively implemented logistics solutions at his companies in Hamburg, Reinbek, Kiel and Hagenow for a clientele working in various sectors of the industry. As well as this, his focus is on the development of integrated e-commerce and logistics systems as a central component of corporate development, with proprietary software solutions, apps and tools today forming the basis for efficient processes and maximum flexibility.