LABEST makes inventory usable as collateral

In many cases, banks do not accept inventory as collateral. The reason? They cannot track what happens with the goods pledged as collateral, in other words, what comes in or goes out, slow-moving products, stock locations, market values, etc.—they lack transparency. This makes warehouses a black box and inventory financing too great a risk for banks.

LABEST makes inventory transparent

LABEST and its tool offer a platform for businesses looking to drive growth that facilitates asset-based funding as a genuine alternative financing option. Designed as a customizable, flexible and transparent platform, LABEST can be accurately tailored to the needs of businesses and their funding providers. As a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, integrates easily with existing systems and is simple to use without disrupting daily operations.

Connected to the ERP system, creates transparency by providing access to real-time information on stock that enables banks to accept inventory as collateral for a line of credit.

Information provided by LABEST

Inventory movements

LABEST maps the inventory movements, in other words, incoming and outgoing goods, eliminating the need to provide banks with additional reporting in the form of manual lists or files.

Market value developments

LABEST adds current market values from independent price sources, ensuring up-to-the-minute market valuations of your inventory—which you can access too.

Credit level changes

Credit and stock level changes are compared at a glance, providing you and your financial institution with information on changes, risks and potential.

Beispielabbildung für Warenbewegung in beim Lagerkredit für Unternehmen
Beispielabbildung für Marktwertentwicklung in beim Lagerkredit für Unternehmen
Beispielabbildung für Bedarfsorientierte Kreditentwicklung in beim Lagerkredit für Unternehmen



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