LABEST creates transparency for purchasing and inventory financing

We optimize inventory financing and release tied-up capital.

LABEST combines the know-how of three realms: years of experience in efficient, digital logistics, a detailed understanding of the requirements of the lending industry, and in-depth knowledge of the needs of successful retail and production companies.

The LABEST SaaS solution

In this context, LABEST has created an efficient, cloud-based software solution designed to aggregate real-time information on the inventory of businesses and their logistics providers into an intuitive, interactive interface. LABEST evaluates these inventories based on current market values from independent sources, providing businesses and banks with a more complete picture of the stock’s marketability beyond its net worth.

LABEST therefore satisfies the data and information requirements of all involved, including funding providers, banks and other lenders, the hedging trade (credit) insurance companies, and investors.

By providing access to real-time inventory information, LABEST creates security and transparency in the financing of goods and stock, allowing both growing and established businesses to use their inventory as collateral for loans. As well as improving the company’s cash flow and providing funds from its stock, it also mitigates the financing risk for lenders.


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Advantages for all parties

LABEST optimizes inventory financing

More Transparency. More Efficieny. More Value.

LABEST optimizes inventory financing

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